They say that crime never sleeps, and law enforcement looks for bad guys all day and night. However, it may feel shocking to learn that not all related companies operate under the same schedule. Even if it’s just after noon, you still should only deal with a 24-hour bail bonds provider. Otherwise, you could wind up spending more time in jail than you must.

24-Hour Bail Bonds Provides ConvenienceSzar Bail Bonds Why Choose a 24 Hour Bail Bonds Provider

Each moment that goes by behind bars feels like an hour. If it’s your first arrest, you know that you are innocent, or you suffer from anxiety, you can’t waste a second in securing your release.

When a bail bonds agency stops working after 5 pm, however, it only keeps you locked up longer. Rush hour traffic, red tape, and traveling from one detention center to the next all requires time.


If an agency stops administering bail bonds after a specified hour, how can you feel confident that they are on your side? If they only see you as another paycheck, they likely aren’t as professional as other agencies.

When you hire a team like Szar Bail Bonds, it means having access to experienced agents and around the clock service. Other companies, however, can’t compare to our quality of service or convenient response times.


When a jail’s staff sees the same agents coming and going all day, every day, it sends a message that their team is the real deal. Our bail bondsmen operate throughout the state at all hours of the day.

Over the years, we’ve developed a stellar reputation among clients, jail guards, judges, and more. Dealing with a 24-hour agency is the fastest way to finding an ideal provider.

Less Confusion

Newer services providers and unscrupulous agencies leave many of your details unsaid. As a result, inmates find themselves spending more than you anticipated, and you feel unsure that you’re doing the right thing.

At Szar Bail Bonds, we continue remaining upfront and honest about our process, as well as the final amount that you owe. As your best choice in 24-hour bail bond solutions, it means taking the guesswork out of sending you home.