Types of Warrants: Frequently Asked Questions About Arrests


Unless you’re being handcuffed, you often don’t think about the different types of warrants. There are a surprising number of orders that can lead to arrests.

Even though every state operates under specific laws, Pennsylvania has its fair share of warrants. Each one carries with them different actions, ranging from arrest to information gathering.

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How Many Different Types of Warrants Does Pennsylvania Have?

While your state may differ, here in Pennsylvania, we have six distinct types of warrants. Not all of them will lead to your arrest, but most of them can.

Civil matters can have a couple of these unique warrants issued. Civil Warrants are used to collect on debts, but Bench Warrants may also apply here. Bench Warrants mostly become necessary when someone violates a court order. That includes everything from missing your hearing to failing a required treatment program.

Search Warrants and Traffic Warrants can lead to Arrest Warrants. Another type is an Eviction Warrant. While no one wants to receive an Eviction Warrant, police won’t typically arrest you over it.

What Types of Warrants Are You Notified of First?

When you have never been arrested before, you assume you’ll be notified first. Unfortunately, it’s usually rare for law enforcement to alert you beforehand.

While it sounds like a common courtesy on your end, it could endanger the officers. If the criminal they need to arrest is especially dangerous, it puts them at a disadvantage. When you have a sneaking suspicion, you might have a warrant, you should find out. The most direct way is to visit the court system online and check through their resources. If you do find out that one exists, you may want to turn yourself in. It could be easier and safer for everyone involved rather than a surprise visit.


Szar Bail Bonds FAQ Types of Warrants

Can You Pay Off Your Warrant Without Going to Jail?

No matter how minor the offense, you can’t avoid going to court. Does that mean you can skip going to jail by paying off a warrant?

While it sounds like a simple question, it’s one with a complicated answer. In short, it depends, but probably not. This is all based on the type of warrant that is issued. An Arrest Warrant is pretty much guaranteed to send you to jail. A Civil Warrant, on the other hand, may be settled with a fine.

Traffic Warrants mean you had a chance to pay traffic tickets but still haven’t. Each situation is different, so you likely will be sent to jail eventually.


What is a No-Knock Warrant, and Why are They Controversial?

Because of several high-profile cases, no-knock warrants have come under fire. Surprisingly, not everyone knows what they are or how they work.

Usually, when cops arrest you, the police knock on your door. Officers then explain why they are there and what is happening. A no-knock warrant on the other hand, allows the police to enter your home silently. The practice began to protect vital evidence from being destroyed before searches.

Unfortunately, it has also led to unnecessary killings of civilians and law enforcement. While they still are issued today, they may not exist too much longer.


What Type of Warrant Can Put You Behind Bars?

While there are many different types of warrants, most of them will lead to your arrest. By then, you don’t really care what type of warrant put you behind bars. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in jail until the date of your hearing. Instead, you can contact us for convenient bail bond agents 24-hours a day.

Accepting a bail bond is not an admission of guilt but instead a court date guarantee. It grants you the option of time and freedom to prepare in the meantime. Bail out of jail today, even if you don’t have the cash. Szar Bail Bonds is here for you.

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