York County PA Jail


Phone: (717) 840-7580

Address: 3400 Concord Rd, York, PA 17402

Chaplain: Darin Schoch

Chaplain Contact Info: (717) 840-7581

How to Find an Inmate: http://www.usacountyrecords.com/state/pennsylvania/jails/york-county-pa-jail-roster

How Many Inmates: 2,010

Open Date: 1979; renovated in 1992, 1999, 2006; work release center opened in 2013


Opened in 1979, the York County Jail has undergone several renovations (1992, 1999, and 2006). Additionally, a work-release center opened in 2013.

The building has approximately 2,400 beds and around 276 beds for the work release center. Female and male work release inmates’ location is 3403 Concord Road, right next to the jail.

The York County Jail’s mission is to sustain a secure, safe atmosphere for staff, inmates, and visitors. There is a high level of devotion here to applying innovative security procedures and working with the York, PA community. The goal is to deliver high-quality treatment programs and education to heighten the prospect of positive community re-entry.


Visitation at the York County Jail

All individuals and their possessions arriving on the grounds and going into the buildings are subject to a search and clear the metal detectors. Everyone must go through the metal detector to gain entry to the visiting area.

If the metal detector discovers metal that isn’t identifiable and removable, the visit won’t occur. If an implanted medical device triggers the detector, the person must possess documentation or a medical card for verification of the implanted medical device.

Female and male visitors must wear appropriate clothing.

The staff possesses the right to refuse access to anyone for any reason. The inmate search website: http://www.usacountyrecords.com/state/pennsylvania/jails/york-county-pa-jail-roster.


Treatment and Re-Entry Programs

There are numerous treatment and re-entry programs at York County Jail to decrease re-entry into the prison system. The goal is to deal with substance abuse, criminal thinking and educate inmates in life skills. Programs include:

  • Thinking for a Change
  • Freedom Program
  • Community Orientation Reintegration (COR)
  • Career Development (females only)
  • Batterer’s Intervention
  • Victim Awareness and Violence Prevention

Community volunteers help with the celebrate recovery and re-entry programs. To speak with Chaplain Darin Schoch, call 717-840-7581.

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