Dauphin County PA Jail


Phone: (717) 780-6800

Address: 501 Mall Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17111

Volunteer Chaplain: James Cavenaugh

How to Find an Inmate: http://www.dauphinc.org:8180/IML

How Many Inmates: approximately 1,000

Open Date: 1956: renovated in 1979, 1986, 1991, 1994


The Dauphin County Jail’s mission is to confine prisoners as ordered by the courts. The facility offers a physical structure that ensures the most significant safety for the staff, inmates, and public. Additionally, the prison has services that give the current 224 inmates a chance for personal change.

Founded in 1956, Dauphin County PA Jail is a local adult detention facility with a typical daily population of around 1,000 inmates. The facility offers custody, control, and care for sentenced criminals and pre-trial detainees. The structure has undergone several renovations over the years (1979, 1986, 1991, and 1994).

The mission isn’t to house people but instead, provide programs that improve the offender’s ability to give back to society. James Cavenaugh is the volunteer chaplain at Dauphin County Jail.

Besides offering a secure and safe setting for staff and inmates, the commitment of Dauphin County Jail is to wield a constructive influence on the Dauphin, PA community in numerous ways:

  • Programming and counseling that lets criminals deal with the behaviors and addictions that landed them in jail. Additionally, the aim is to help offenders not to re-enter the prison system after release.
  • Educational classes and life skills to the inmates, preparing them to handle everyday living pressure when out in the world.
  • Inmate work crews provide community service by helping county agencies with several projects such as growing produce for the soup kitchens, picking up trash, and shoveling snow for the disabled and elderly.

Visitation and Inmates’ Commissary Accounts

All individuals and their belongings must undergo a search and the metal detectors before gaining access to the facility.

You can deposit money online into an inmate’s account. To create an account and send money go to http://deposits.jailatm.com.

Follow all instructions when setting up your account before your first log-in. When putting in your payment information, be sure you enter your information and not the inmate’s information. Also, make sure you’re sending money to the right inmate before completing the deposit. Search for Dauphin County Jail inmates on http://www.dauphinc.org:8180/IML.

Inmates can’t receive cash or checks through the mail. Any money an inmate has on them upon entering the jail or any money a visitor provides goes into the inmate’s account. Visitors can also deposit cash into kiosks at the visiting areas during standard visiting hours.

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