The prospect of losing at trial and facing years behind bars is pretty terrifying, and it’s normal if you’ve had thoughts about skipping out on your bail bond. However, failing to appear at all of your mandated court appearances is a terrible idea. Here’s why a fugitive recovery agent will make you wish that the thought of fleeing from your criminal charge had never entered your mind.

Fugitive recovery agent

First of all, fugitive recovery agents are more commonly known as bounty hunters. They typically have law enforcement and military backgrounds, and their job is to track down defendants who fail to appear at the court hearings in a criminal case. So, if the outcome of your case looks iffy and you decide to break your promise to appear at all of the court hearings you can expect that a fugitive recovery agent might soon be on your case.


Training Bounty Hunters

Szar Bail Bonds Meeting a Fugitive Recovery Agent

We WILL find you

Bounty hunters are highly trained professionals who know all about the laws regarding apprehending defendants who are running from the law. Along with a thorough understanding of the rules for criminal defendants and taking them into custody, a top-notch fugitive recovery agent knows about things like (1) firearms, (2) tasers, batons, and pepper spray, and (3) self-defense skills including martial arts and kickboxing.

Of course, being an expert at using different types of weapons isn’t enough to succeed in the fugitive recovery field. Instead, the chances are good that any bounty hunter who looks for you will have lots of training and experience in how to find a wayward bail jumper. Many veteran cops perform an apprenticeship with an experienced bounty hunter to get the field training necessary to succeed as a fugitive recovery agent.

How a fugitive recovery agent works

Are you wondering how likely it is that a fugitive recovery agent will successfully find you if you flee the area? Trust us; since a bounty hunter only gets paid if they return a defendant to the court, it makes sense that the agent will put substantial effort into tracking you down. Some of the methods that reveal your location include

  • Family and friends – Can you trust that no one in your circle of family and friends will unwittingly give away a clue to your location?
  • Background check – Computerized background checks yield strong clues, sometimes even a current address, that the bounty hunter can use to find your location.
  • Your home – Do you know that, in many parts of the United States, it’s legal for the bounty hunter to walk into your home to see if you’re there once you’ve skipped bail? A vast number of bail jumpers are apprehended while watching television in their living rooms.
  • Surveillance – Just as in the television shows, a fugitive recovery agent, spends time watching and following the people in your inner circle since there’s a pretty decent chance that at least one of those individuals will end up at your temporary lodging.

Lastly, meeting a fugitive recovery agent who is paid to find you is not a pleasant experience. Avoid the hassle and embarrassment by living up to your commitment to appear in court.

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