Figuring out your bail amount isn’t a simple process. When asking, “How much is the bail for a misdemeanor?”, know that it’s a very loaded question. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the monetary value that the corrections system will put onto your crime, so don’t let the numbers intimidate you. Szar Bail Bonds can help you manage the bail costs. Our agents are ready 24 hours a day.


How is Bail Calculated?

The bail amount for your crime depends on the crime you have committed. Also, taken into consideration is the quantity and history of the crime. This can include consideration as to whether or not you have been accused of multiple crimes at the same time, or if you have a previous criminal record. 

Bail may be higher if you have a past criminal record, and if you’ve ever failed to appear in court. It can also be influenced by your age, any record of substance abuse that the court may know about, or if you pose any kind of danger to yourself or your alleged victim.

For a misdemeanor, assuming this is your first arrest and you have a clean criminal history, your bail will often start under $1,000 for crimes such as public intoxication. Depending on many circumstances they can range up to $20,000, or even higher. 


Primary Influences on Bail

Type of Crime Szar Bail Bonds How Much is Bail for a Misdemeanor

The primary influencing factor in the cost of bail is the actual crime you’ve been accused of. In general, misdemeanors will carry a lower bail cost, while felonies will carry a substantially higher cost. If your crime presents a danger to the community, it’s possible you’ll be denied bail altogether. Crimes such as murder, or other major “capital crimes” are not likely to have a bail option. 

Prior Criminal Record

If you have a prior criminal record, your bail amount will be adjusted to reflect your history. If you have previously been arrested for a crime and failed to appear for your scheduled court hearings, your bail may be even higher or may be denied entirely.

Quantity of Crime 

If this arrest is on the same or similar accusations as a previous conviction, your bail is likely to be higher. Further, if there is more than one crime involved with this arrest, the bail will be higher. 


Some court systems use a metric to decide on your bail. This metric uses the above influences, and the data surrounding other members of society in your demographic in similar situations. These metrics use recidivism (the re-occurrence of the crime after time served) statistics and rehabilitation rates to decide the severity of the crime against your bail. 

Seeking Legal Advice

In the end, there are many factors in play for your bail calculations. It’s best to speak to your attorney, whether they’re court-appointed or otherwise. They’re the only one that’s able to give you accurate and legal advice regarding your experience in the criminal system. 

Your legal representation will be able to walk you through the factors used by the courts to decide your bail and help you formulate a plan. They may be able to work with you and your family to coordinate with a bail bond agency to get you out of jail before your court date. 


Szar Bail Bonds is Ready to Help You

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