There might be no better feeling than finding out that the prosecution isn’t going to bring your case to trial. While finding out that the prospect of a prison stint is off the table is fantastic, you might wonder if you’ll get back your bail money now that the charges have disappeared. Read on for the answer to whether you still have to pay bondsman if the charges are dropped.


Working with a bail bondsman

Szar Bail Bonds Charges Dropped Still Need to Pay Bail

Being released

No one wants to sit in jail after the court approves their bail. The most sure-fire way for most people to arrange to pay for the bail bond is to contract with a bail guarantor. The bail bondsman guarantees the court for the full amount of the bail if the defendant skips town.

Once you know how many dollars you’ll need to post bond, we suggest that you contact a local bail guarantor as soon as possible. The bail bonds agent will work with you to post bond so that you spend time at home while your case is working its way through the court process.


Bail bond premium

The answer as to whether you’ll need to pay the bail bondsman even if you don’t face prosecution is yes. A bail bonds company, like Szar Bail Bonds, is a for-profit business that makes money by charging its clients a fee, called a bail bond premium. This fee typically ranges from five to ten percent of the total bail amount. 

You agree to a specific bail premium amount when you sign a contract with a bail bonds company. Unlike many types of businesses, bail surety companies are subject to an extensive array of rules in Pennsylvania, and legitimate bail guarantors can’t negotiate the bail bond premium amount with individual clients. So, expect to pay the bail bondsman the entire amount of the bail bond premium specified in the contract.


How to avoid paying a bail bond premium

If you can afford to put up the total amount of bail money required in your case through cash or a combination of dollars and property, you won’t need the services of a bail surety company. In this case, you’ll get all of your bail money back after the criminal case concludes.

Of course, along with meeting the financial terms of the bail bond yourself, you’ll need to have shown up for all of your mandated court appearances to get all of your bail money returned.

Lastly, unless you are fortunate enough to have enough money to post bond, you’ll most likely turn to a bail surety company for assistance. You will still have to pay bondsman if the charges are dropped or you’re found not guilty. Contact Szar Bail Bonds for more information on how we can help you post bond.