If you’re a felon and looking to clear your record, you may be asking “What felonies cannot be expunged?” This is however, a complicated question. The answer is that most felonies cannot be expunged. There are some exceptions, but for the most part, felonies are with you for life. 

There are processes you can take that may make the process easier. These processes are time-consuming and labor-intensive. If you’re experiencing housing denials or issues finding a job due to your felony, it may be your best option. Keep reading for more information on what felonies can and cannot be expunged.


Age Expungement

You can apply for expungement of your juvenile record if you meet basic requirements. If you were convicted of a felony crime before you turned 18, and have since completed your sentence and kept clear of the law for at least five years, you qualify.

Also, when you’ve made it to 70+ years old and have stayed out of trouble for at least ten years, you can apply for expungement of your record. Another detail of age-related expungement is that your family can clear your name three years after your death. Szar Bail Bonds Can Felonies be Expunged


Sex Crimes Against Children

If your crimes involved sex crimes against minors, your criminal activity will never be expunged. The only way to remove this kind of record from your history is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were falsely arrested and convicted. 

Other sex crimes are also unlikely to receive an expungement. These include rape, human trafficking, and more. These “people crimes” have a substantial negative impact on others. Therefore, you are not able to get out of the consequences of these crimes. 


Alternative Options to Expungement


Petition for Reduction to Misdemeanor

You can submit a petition through a lawyer for your charge to be reduced to a misdemeanor or by accepting a plea deal. This is often called “misdemeanor treatment”. This process can take less severe offenses and reduce them to a more manageable charge.


Petition the Governor to Pardon You

This process is incredibly long and can last several years. You’ll need to gather documentation, write essays, and submit evidence of your rehabilitation from your crimes. You’ll need to gather character references, proof of hardship, letters of repent, and more to make this petition feasible.

The pardon will be reviewed by the Governor’s staff. If deemed appropriate, it will go across their desk and be processed for final review.


Szar Bail Bonds and Expungement Processes

In our blog, Szar Bail Bonds has delved into the detailed process of the expungement process, and the options around arrest and conviction. We do not consider ourselves to be legal experts. Still, we do frequently work with the legal system and want to provide you with the best informational resources. 

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