Have you ever noticed how the worst kind of lowlife losers take advantage of people when they most need help? You can bet that you’ll meet some of these individuals when you’re trying to arrange a bail bond. Here are our best tips for recognizing a fake bail bondsman.


What is a Bail Bondsman?

To recognize a fake bail guarantor, you first need to understand why an authentic one is so important in freeing you from a jail cell. The role of a bail bonds agent is to put up the entire cost of the bail bond with the court so that you can exit jail while your legal proceedings are underway. Before posting a bail bond with the court, the bondsman wants a guarantee, called collateral, from you that they’ll get their money back if you decide to flee the country. Szar Bail Bonds Recognize a Fake Bail Bondsman

In exchange for all of their work, you’ll pay a nonrefundable bail bond premium. The premium is a percentage of the overall cost of the bail bond. So, for example, if the total bail is twenty-thousand dollars and the bail bond premium is ten percent, you’ll pay the bail bondsman two-thousand dollars.


Four Tips to Recognizing a Fake Bail Bondsman

Everyone knows that it can be hard to identify a talented con artist. Fake bail guarantors are dangerous because they will take your money when you can least afford to lose it. Here are four ways to know that a so-called bail guarantor is trying to take you for a ride.


  • #1: Lurker – Run in the opposite direction If a prospective bail bond agent comes up to you in the jail or courthouse and offers to post your bond for a low fee. Authentic bail bonds companies wait for you to make the first contact after you know the dollar amount of your bail.


  • #2: Low Fee – Guard against a so-called bail bond person who offers to do the work for a below-market price. Legitimate companies charge a nonrefundable fee of five to ten percent of the entire bail amount. What’s more, the government sets the percentage that companies can charge.


  • #3: Amazing Promises – Red flags are flying high if a bail bonds person promises you bail based on their unique relationship with the judge. Real companies, like Szar Bail Bonds, only jump into action once you know the terms of your bond. We don’t have secret communications channels with the court.


  • #4: No License – A quick way to find out if someone is a fake bail bondsman is to ask to see their license. Pennsylvania bail bonds agents must be licensed insurance agents. That’s right; the person who posts your bail bond must complete the classes and tests necessary to work in insurance. An authentic bail bondsman is proud of their license and is happy to show it off to prospective clients.

Lastly, use our four tips for recognizing a fake bail bondsman to protect yourself the next time that you want out of jail on bail. Never underestimate the essential it is to do business with a top-notch company like Szar Bail Bonds to protect your freedom and your wallet during the stress of a criminal case. Contact us to experience the level of professionalism that comes from working with a dependable bail bonds company.