Things to Do in York County, PA, When Your Family Visits


When your family is in town, you need things to do in York County, PA. Otherwise, you soon run out of games and entertainment at home. As Szar Bail Bonds travels throughout the state every day, we know what destinations to visit. Here are some of our favorite nearby landmarks to check out with your loved ones:

Richard Nixon Park Nature Center

Since 1968, Richard Nixon Park has been a relaxing local place to visit. Here, guests can enjoy nearly 215 acres of natural parkland space.

When you need a moment to cool off, head inside the onsite Nature Center. There, you can explore 14,000 square feet of exhibits and animals. Learn about the African Savanna, the Pacific Northwest, and the Arctic. The Nature Center holds reptiles, birds, insects, and other unique creatures.

Outdoors, you will find walking trails, guided tours, seasonally themed programs, and other activities. Whether you have younger children or animal lovers, you should visit this fascinating park.

Turkey Hill Experience

Does anything feel more exciting than learning about the dairy industry? What if they let you make your own ice cream, including its commercial?

The Turkey Hill Experience is one of the most beloved family adventures in the area. Equal parts history museum and interactive experience, it’s one to delight all ages. The tour is fun, educational, and covers everything from milking to packaging. Best of all, they include free samples of their teas and ice cream.

Even if you don’t plan on becoming the next diary titan, you’ll enjoy this attraction. It may also inspire your family members to pick up an ice cream machine. 

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York County History Center

Those that have any history buffs visiting them will love this next stop. The York County History Center is an impressive complex of museums and landmarks.

The Colonial Complex has three of the top sites, although there are many others. See the Golden Plough Tavern, General Horatio Gates House, and the Barnett Bobb Log Cabin. In addition to original historic buildings, you can also find faithful recreations. The Court House is a reproduction that was carefully based on the real one.

Even if colonial sites aren’t your favorite, the complex is also a fascinating tour. Both guided and individual tours are available based on timing and availability.


The Haines Shoe House

While you don’t find many roadside attractions these days, there is at least this one. The Haines Shoe House is genuinely a one-of-a-kind landmark that must be seen in person.

Initially built in 1948, the latest new owners took over in 2015. Today, it is maintained and preserved as it once was, making for a nostalgic visit. It’s more than a giant shoe, but a tour and ice cream shop as well. Guests can explore the five surprisingly distinct levels within the building.

Kids can enjoy fun and games outdoors, and there’s free Wi-Fi. Plus, who can pass up on hand-dipped ice cream from local suppliers?


Dutch Wonderland Family Amusement Park

Hershey isn’t the only one with a theme park in the community. When you need to step away from confections, Dutch Wonderland is next on your list.

This family-friendly adventure offers thrill rides and less-intense experiences for any age of guests. Visitors can enjoy classic amusement experiences, roller coasters, and even a water park. Exploration Island is perfect for any dinosaur lovers in your group, but when you need a break from the action, you can catch live performances.

You don’t need to wait for the state fair to return. Instead, enjoy your favorite rides and new experiences at Dutch Wonderland.


Gifford Pinchot State Park

Those who enjoy rustic activities will love visiting Gifford Pinchot State Park. This local campground is the ideal place for summer memories and outdoor adventures.

Whether you like to boat, play frisbee golf, or hiking, you can enjoy it all. The colder months also make this an ideal spot for winter sports and ice skating. There are several ways to camp here, including tents, yurts, and cottages. Cabins and activity pavilions are also available to rent.

From avid outdoors people to picnics, this is a top park. You can also visit it during any season every year.

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