Things to Do in Dauphin County That Don’t Involve Chocolate


We all enjoy days spent at HersheyPark, but our community offers so much more. That’s why many residents and travelers seek out other things to do in Dauphin CountyWhether you prefer to dive into historical sites or connect with nature, you have options. And all of these landmarks stay close to home for frequent weekend adventures.

You don’t have to head to a theme park to enjoy your precious downtime. Plus, many of these spots stay affordable to visit for family day trips. With so many unique area offerings, we never have a dull day. Szar Bail Bonds is still your reliable choice for bail bonds throughout Pennsylvania.

Fort Hunter Historic District

In its heyday in the 1700s, Fort Hunter was a bustling military settlement. Today, the Fort Hunter Historic District offers an in-depth look at life back then.

By the late 1800s, the area saw lots of growth and everything young cities need. You could find blacksmithing services, agriculture, and an inn, as well as other businesses.

And Fort Hunter is where you can find the ruins of the Pennsylvania Canal. This system closed around a hundred years ago, making it an impressive landmark.


Clemson Island Prehistoric District

Many of us know that the state took off a few hundred years ago. However, did you realize that the region is much older than that?

The Clemson Island Prehistoric District is one of the community’s best-known archeological sites. These locations offer findings that date back as far as 6, 900 B.C.

Even if you aren’t a scientist, you can still enjoy a peaceful day here. It remains a National Park as well as an NHS site only accessible via boat.

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Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

After a week on the computer, you need to get lost in nature. Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area is the ideal place to do just that. This state park offers nearly 950 acres of wildlife conservation land. Not only will you find lots of namesake trees, but many animals as well.

Visitors often spot deer, black bears, grouse, and songbirds, as well as other species. Work up a sweat with miles of hiking trails or unwind with birdwatching.


Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area

Although it’s quiet now, what is known as Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area is ancient. It’s believed that indigenous people called the area home 11,000 years ago. Today, you can traverse through a dense forest of hardwood tree species. Because it is not a state park, you won’t find many facilities or planned activities.

Instead, it’s the perfect place to leave the hustle and bustle behind for a while. There are, however, a variety of walking trails and designated hunting areas.


Fort Halifax

In the mid-1700s, Fort Halifax acted as one of many defensive positions. Today, it’s a far quieter place to explore, having gotten abandoned since 1763. Not only did the site prove a poor location, but it also wasn’t needed long. Even though the Revolutionary War lasted another 20 years, the storehouses weren’t worth the effort.

The bordering Armstrong River allowed for easily assembled ambushes day or night. Plus, the fort wasn’t close enough to other defensive positions to offer much assistance.


Horse-Shoe Trail

Horse-Shoe Trail is likely one of the better-known nature spots as it includes multiple counties. It stretches for an impressive 148 miles from the Valley Forge to the Appalachian Mountains. As a volunteer-based conservancy, it is not a state park or preserve. Instead, it gets maintained by a group of passionate residents and 18 directors.

There are also a few primitive campsites for those feeling especially rustic. The land does include some private owners, so explore with caution.


Sheets Island

Sheets Island is a small local archipelago located outside of Harrisburg. Here, visitors can see many different birds and natural vegetation, including endangered species. Among the many animals, you can find both migratory birds and native ones. Those include egrets, Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron, and Black Tern, as well as songbirds.

The area stretches towards Susquehanna Township and Marysville without many facilities. Be sure to arrive fully prepared, even if only for a few hours.

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