The History of York County, Pennsylvania

While it might not be everyone’s thing, the History of York County, PA, remains intriguing. There are plenty of significant events that have happened over the last few hundred years. When we aren’t helping area inmates, Szar Bail Bonds likes to learn about our community. Read on for a brief history of our area and how it came together.

The 1700s in York County

One hundred years after fur traders moved in, proper settlements started to form. One of these was 10,000 acres given to John Digges by the Lord of Baltimore. That became the basis for Diggs Choice, which spread into Hanover and its new neighbors. While European immigrants flocked to the area, nothing was certain yet.

By the late 1700s, British forces sought to put down the early whispers of independence. They forced the Continental Congress to run for safety to nearby York. That only emboldens the efforts to separate from England, which eventually happens. While the new nation grows, so, too, does Pennsylvania.


The 1800s

The 1800s saw a lot of immigrant groups from around the world. Most of these new residents would hail from Germany, Poland, Ireland, and many others. As all these different cultures melded together, a regional dialect started to form. It would be known as Pennsylvania Dutch, still spoken by the Amish today. 

With renewed agriculture and manufacturing, the area started to boom with commerce. The canals worked as the time’s highways with rafts lining the waterways. However, York County wasn’t the only region seeing growth, and conflict was brewing. The newly formed Confederate States of America posed a significant threat.


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York County and the Civil War

Peace didn’t last long, as the wealthy southerners relied on African slaves more and more. That, among other practices, had them at odds with the region directly above Maryland. By the mid-1800s, the south succeeded from the Union and started targeting stock depots. As Pennsylvania’s rail system flourished, it placed a bullseye on the state.

The Confederate troops managed to win some small victories but found themselves stretched thin. Once the Battle of Gettysburg left their numbers dwindling, they couldn’t push through York. Once reunification efforts started, industries once again took root, priming the region for growth. This was vital as the community saw cities rise all around.


The Turn of the Century in York

Manufacturing and industrial growth brought with it new jobs and laborers. These recent additions to the city would need somewhere to live, creating a housing boom. Shortly after, the surge of residents also bought the brand-new automobile. When everyone starts driving these to work, the electric trolley system is no longer needed.

Even more factories would become vital as the United States entered World War II. It would be Pennsylvania’s iron and newly created steelworks that would keep the Allies stocked. Once peace returned in the 1950s, supermarkets and shopping centers also took off. The area was starting to look like the metropolitan community as we know it.

Racial unrest brought violence throughout the 70s and 80s, as well as across the country. With a sluggish economy from the recession, things began looking bleak for businesses.


York County Today

Changing White House administrations from the late 1980s and 1990s made for some stability. As the economy evened out, more businesses stopped closing down. New universities paved the way for employers to return to the area. Before long, many prominent employers were back offering better jobs and wages.

Today, we have a wide range of natural parks and historical sites, bringing tourist revenue. With so many different universities and athletic programs, people continue flocking here. Now you can find a variety of unique industries, entertainment options, and careers available. York County has shown significant improvement over the past few decades.


What’s Next for York County, PA?

Today, York County is home to nearly half a million residents. Bridges continually expand while new neighborhoods are established. Nearly every weekend, there’s a fun community event to attend to try something new. Plus, there are historical monuments everywhere dedicated to our past.

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