Famous People in York County, PA, from the Entertainment World


While it’s not L.A., you can find plenty of famous people in York County, PA. Some of your favorite movies and T.V. shows feature residents from our community. Continue reading this handy list by Szar Bail Bonds, your trusted surety bond providers. Contact us 24-hours daily and get out of jail sooner with our agents.

Sylvia Lewis

Starting at only five years old, Sylvia Lewis began her career in Vaudeville. As she entered her teenage years, she then picked up ballet dancing. Lewis went on to perform stage shows and pursued modeling gigs. By the 1950s, she was dancing in several successful films, including Singin’ in the Rain.

She quickly transitioned into acting and joined the cast of Where’s Raymond? as a choreographer. In the 1960s, she would appear as a character actor across many popular variety shows.

In her later career, she would go on to primarily choreograph TV shows. These included well-known comedies like Married… with Children and Who’s the Boss?

Ed Kowalczyk

Ed Kowalczyk is the co-founder of the band Live, as well as their lead writer. He was an active member from 1984 until he left in 2009.

The band Live originally came together when its members were in high school. They attended William Penn Senior High School, while Kowalczyk’s father taught at Northeastern High School. Over the years, the band became contentious, and fighting ensued among its members. Kowalczyk would return after a successful solo career at the end of 2016.

When he isn’t performing or recording, you can find the frontman at political events. Many causes are supported by him, including groups against racism and wars. 

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Blaine Capatch

Anyone who enjoyed watching comedy programs in the 90s and 2000s knows Blaine Capatch. Although he isn’t always on camera, he works extensively on a variety of shows.

As a writer, he worked on MADtv, Mind of Mencia, and Blue Collar TV. In the game show world, he hosted Beat the Geeks and wrote for @Midnight. Capatch has also taken his work off of TV and into live broadcasting. He has hosted fighting bouts, roller derby, and even podcasts.

Whether he’s performing standup or working on trivia shows, Capatch is a hoot. Hopefully, there is more to come from this hilarious local figure in stand up.


Frances Lee McCain

Any fan of 80s movies should know the name of Frances Lee McCain. Possibly her most notable role is that of Lorraine’s mother in Back to the Future. Her iconic motherly roles didn’t stop there and includes many different titles. From Gremlins to Scream, she appears in a diverse range of genres and projects.

After an extensive time acting, she eventually relocated first to San Francisco, then Albuquerque. In that time, she focused on community theater efforts and earned a degree in psychology.

Although she is now in her 70s, it’s doubtful that she’s finished yet. She can also be seen as an ensemble actor at the AlterTheater Ensemble.


Craig Sheffer

Craig Sheffer has acted in movies and TV since the early 1980s. From independent projects and direct-to-video to well-known characters, he covers the acting spectrum. He is likely best known as a recurring figure in the series One Tree Hill. He has also directed, as well as appeared alongside Steven Seagal.

Sheffer is also a prominent name in the horror genre. He was featured in Hellraiser: Inferno, Nightbreed, and Berserker, among others. When he isn’t acting, Sheffer is also known to produce and direct projects. He even appears on modern TV thrillers like CSI and The Mentalist.



Famous people in York County includes Halestorm as a relative newcomer to the rock world, but they have already proven themselves. Helmed by siblings Lzzy and Arejay Hale, this American hard rock group is well-established. The band has already toured with huge names in music, from Alice Cooper to Godsmack. With only a four-person setup, they create tons of driving rock beats.

Initially formed in 2005, they wouldn’t see success until nearly a decade later. Today, Halestorm celebrates several album releases and a Grammy award. There’s surely more to come from this energetic rock band. Keep an eye and an ear out.

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