Famous People in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

When discussing famous people in Dauphin County, you don’t see many Hollywood actors. However, that doesn’t mean that our part of Pennsylvania is necessarily boring. The region has continued as the home for well-known individuals in many different industries. And among the many politicians and professional athletes, you see some interesting characters emerge.

While you can learn about many famous people, these residents are uniquely ours. In between serving inmates 24-hours daily, Szar Bail Bond has plenty to read up on. Below are some of the few folks whose tale turns heads often in the community. And if we missed your favorite local celebrity, be sure to let us know who.

Milton S. Hershey | Chocolatier

Milton S. Hershey revolutionized the confectionary world by making milk chocolate affordable. Before, these sweets were luxury products that few people could afford. First, Hershey developed a cost-effective way of manufacturing caramel while still using fresh dairy ingredients. Once perfected, he sold this initial business to pave the way for his chocolate empire.

Not only was Hershey generous with his candy, but his money as well. He gave back to the community with ethical labor housing and philanthropic efforts.

Hershey himself founded the theme park in 1905, and it’s still running strong. If that wasn’t enough, we celebrate his birthday, September 13th, as International Chocolate Day.


Newt Gingrich | Politician

Newt Gingrich has had an impressive political career dating back to the 1970s. During the Bill Clinton administration, he found his footing during the impeachment trials. Although that also offered political pushback, he continued to stay as a strong presence. Gingrich has worn many hats, including Senator, Minority Whip, and Speaker of the House.

His aspirations came to a head following an unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2012. However, he remains a knowledgeable pundit, making frequent appearances on T.V.

As a former professor, Gingrich is also an alternative history author. He has several books published along with co-authors William R. Forstchen and Pete Earley.

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William Wilson | Urban Legend

The tale of William Wilson is equal parts tragedy and urban legend. With such a heart-wrenching story, it’s tough to tell fact from fiction. What we know about Wilson is he was a hard-working lad from a local farm. After his mother’s death, his stepmother pressured his father to send him and his sister away.

The two teens left for work, William’s sister, Elizabeth, becoming pregnant. After giving birth, she was framed for the infant twins’ murder and sentenced to execution.

It’s believed William received a pardon but became intentionally sabotaged from serving it in time. Upon seeing his sister hanged, he became a reclusive hermit living in a nearby cave.


Thomas Willeford |Author

Not all who geek out are lost, and some make a career out of it. Thomas Willeford is one such individual as a prominent steampunk author and artist. Steampunk, for those who don’t already know, is alternative Victorian styles in entertainment and fashion. Most often, the genre gets seen in books, although it has pierced other media also.

With his beginnings, it’s tough to see Willeford doing anything else. He grew up in a nearby Victorian-style house with a Dupont scientist for a grandfather.

However, Thomas, AKA Lord Archibald “Feathers” Featherstone, is more than a simple cosplayer. His works have gotten recognized, awarded, and even worn onscreen by Nathan Fillion.

He has also performed as a judge on the T.V. competition show Steampunk’d. Willeford continues operating his studio professionally under the name Brute Force Studios.


John Todd | American Abolitionist

When you imagine the Underground Railroad, you probably picture Harriet Tubman. However, this complex abolitionist movement had many “conductors,” including John ToddAfter finishing his seminary in Ohio, he led a local church for 30 years. His own house in Tabor, OH, became a stop for the Underground Railroad and abolitionists.

Support for Todd waned after he helped store supplies and weapons for John Brown. This infamous abolitionist, much more radical than Todd, led strikes against slaveholders in nearby states.

In his later years, he supported the ill-fated temperance movement after Brown’s public support dissolved. His house is now a National Historic Place open to visitors.

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