3 Must Know Rights As An Inmate In Pretrial Detention

It’s essential to know your rights as an inmate when your worst nightmare comes true, and a jail cell becomes your new home. Read on for three fundamental rights that you have as a pretrial detention inmate in Pennsylvania.


Constitutional protection

The United States Constitution offers protection for people accused of committing a crime within the United States. The criminal justice systems in place all over the world were quite primitive in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and the authors of our Constitution made sure that hideous punishments, such as being burned alive and fed to the hounds, were off limits in our country. As a result, defendant rights are a fundamental part of our criminal justice system.Szar Bail Bonds Your Rights As An Inmate


Three rights as an inmate

One of the most vital things to know about your rights is that you can use them to improve your circumstances. Indeed, exercising your rights is an excellent way to help to make sure that your jail cell doesn’t become your permanent home. Three of the constitutional guarantees include

  • Silence – Do you remember that part of the Miranda Warning that states that you don’t have to talk to the police? This right continues after the cell door slams shut. It’s also a smart idea to avoid discussing details of your case with your cellmate. Always remember that, unless you’re engaged in a privileged conversation,  the words that come out of your mouth might convict you at trial.
  • Lawyer – You have the right to interact with your attorney while you’re behind bars. Your attorney will most likely meet with you at the detention facility, and you can relax knowing that anything that you talk about with your attorney is private.
  • Safety – Of course, you’ve undoubtedly watched plenty of movies that show prison as a violent and cruel place. While no one would pretend that horrific happenings don’t happen behind locked doors, it’s also true that you have the right to a safe living environment. Groups like the ACLU Pennsylvania work hard to improve prisoner living conditions throughout the state.

Lastly, life inside jail is an awful experience. You have some control over the ability to improve your situation by exercising your rights as an inmate in Pennsylvania. The right to silence, legal representation, and a safe living environment are non-negotiable and you should always take advantage of them to make your time in lockup tolerable.

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