You’ve probably never expected to have to visit a loved one in jail. However, life doesn’t always stick to a fixed plan, and it’s not out of the question that you’ll find yourself checking in at the visitor’s desk at the local jail at least once in your lifetime. Here’s what you need to consider when visiting someone in jail.


Why Visiting Someone In Jail Matters

The idea of going to jail to see someone you love might feel uncomfortable, and it’s natural if you shy away from making the trip. Please don’t let the fear of the jail setting keep you from sharing compassion and understanding with the person you love. Remember that being incarcerated is a frightening experience and there’s nothing more reassuring to an inmate than knowing that their friends and family don’t forget them.

Szar Bail Bonds When Visiting Someone In Jail

Visiting a friend in jail is very important for them


Key Information

Visiting someone in jail isn’t the same as dropping by their home for a cup of coffee and a chat. For one thing, there are specific times scheduled for visits and your meeting with your loved one will be closely monitored by jail personnel. Some of the key things to know include

  • VISITOR LIST – In most cases, your name needs to appear on a visitors list to spend time with your loved one in the detention facility. You might have to fill out a visiting application before you’re allowed past the jail reception room. Unfortunately, jails sometimes deny access to visits from (1) convicted felons, (2) individuals on probation and parole, (3) people possessing outstanding warrants, and (4) anyone considered a security risk.
  • VISITING TIME – The inmate can tell you when you are allowed to visit. Dauphin County Prison, for example, suggests that you rely on your inmate for information regarding visiting days and hours as the prison officials won’t give out specific visiting time information.
  • BEHAVIOR MATTERS – Encourage your loved one to follow all of the rules while behind bars because enjoying time with loved ones is a privilege that goes away if the inmate misbehaves.
  • APPROPRIATE DRESS – While it’s always lovely to wear comfortable clothing, be sure that you dress appropriately for the occasion. Many jails adhere to dress codes that prohibit things like (1) sports bras, (2) spandex, (3) bare midriff tops, (4) gang colors and symbols, (5) baggy pants, and (6) flip flops.
  • NO HUGS – Dauphin County Prison, like many jails throughout the country, do not allow contact visits with inmates. A non-contact visit means that you won’t be able to touch and embrace during the meeting. A significant reason for the non-contact rule is to prevent the exchange of things like weapons and narcotics.

Lastly, don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from visiting someone in jail. Your loved one needs you during the stress of criminal prosecution. Prepare for your visit by finding out the best time to come to the jail and observing all of the jail rules regarding dress and behavior.

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