Every inmate who gets released on bail must face a crucial choice and one that could drastically change the path of the rest of their lives. Either you play by the rules and arrive for your trial, or you become another successful skiptracing capture.

Bond gets set for the guarantee that you show up to your trial in the future. Because the court systems remain years behind schedule, it makes sense that you don’t want to sit behind bars now.

Unfortunately, once you decide to miss your court date intentionally, you now get considered a fugitive. Only, this time you don’t just have local law enforcement after you, but bounty hunters as well.


Why is it ‘Skiptracing’?

Skiptracing is a term used by several different industries that engage in collecting and repossessing assets or people. Whether you’re behind in car payments or for court appearances, you are skipping town and getting traced by professionals.

Law enforcement wants you arrested because now you are engaging in criminal activity. Bounty agents, on the other hand, work for the bail provider who currently must pay the entire amount unless they find you first.

arrested for skiptracing

What Gets Used?

For most legal professionals, nothing gets in the way of finding and arresting you. In many situations, a bounty hunter doesn’t even require a warrant to enter your property, and virtually anything can go towards bringing you back behind bars.

Even though bail bonds agents aren’t police officers, they still have plenty of resources at their disposal. Everything from financial records to interviewing friends, family, and loved ones are within their rights to locate you.


Professional Skiptracers

Although bounty hunters can complete skiptracing, they may not excel at it. More than one agency has turned to professional skiptracers, where all they do professionally is locate inmates with cold feet.

These wily officials will utilize any tools or resources, from running credit reports and financial records to checking out shopping loyalty card usage. If they think it brings them closer to you, then they will pursue it.


sent back to jail for skiptracing

What Happens When I’m Captured?

Once you get arrested again, the process should feel familiar. You get processed and jailed, and you meet with yet another bail hearing.

Only this time, you probably are not getting bail after already proven yourself unreliable. You will wait in jail until your trial gets rescheduled, and now you have more charges.