You had a little too much fun while on leave, and now you’re under arrest. What happens if you are arrested while in the military? Keep reading to find out how hearing your rights can change your life.


Location Matters

The consequences that you’ll face when arrested depends on where the incident that led to the arrest took place. If you broke the law while still on the base you’ll most likely face military prosecution. So if, for example, the military police catch you driving after a night out drinking you will have to answer to a military court.

A night out drinking with friends off-base could land you in trouble with both the state and your unit. The state could pursue the DUI case while the military could punish you with things like (1) confinement to base, (2) substance abuse treatment, and (3) disorderly conduct charges. Szar Bail Bonds Arrested While In The Military

Some crimes that take place off-base are subject to a federal military trial instead of civilian proceedings. Examples of crimes that might skip over the local authorities into federal jurisdiction include (1) robbery, (2) rape, and (3) murder. These types of severe charges warrant federal intervention through the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).


Report A Civilian Arrest

Did you know that you must tell your commanding officer if the civilian authorities have arrested you? You could face stiff penalties from the military justice system for failing to disclose the arrest within a timely manner. 

Keep in mind that merely telling your commanding officer of the arrest isn’t an admission that you’ve done anything wrong. Article 31 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice provides you with many rights as a defendant, including the right to silence and a defense attorney. Make sure that you take advantage of the protection that your rights provide.


Loss Of Military Career

An arrest and conviction on a serious charge, especially if it’s not your first arrest, can lead to the end of your career in the armed forces. If you’re separated from the service on an “Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge” expect to lose access to veteran’s benefits such as to healthcare and education services.

Lastly, what happens if you are arrested while in the military depends on many factors. Regardless of where the arrest takes place, you’ll need to inform your commanding officer and prepare for some sanctions.

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