You’re sure that someone is following you as you walk home after a night out with friends. You start to panic. Well, swallow down your fear because here are three tips for when you think you’re being followed.Szar Bail Bonds Tips for When You Think You're Being Followed

Before we explore ways that you can protect yourself, pat yourself on the back. The simple fact that you’ve noticed that someone is tracking you gives you an advantage against a possible bad guy. Now you can use our tips to get out of the situation safely.


Tips for When You Think You’re Being Followed

Some of the most effective ways to thwart a follower include:


#1- Call 911

Call the police immediately if you sense someone behind you is up to no good. Don’t worry that you’re bothering them. It’s always better to be wrong about a possible stalker than to delay calling the cops and end up dead.


#2- Grab a Cup of Coffee

Being alone is the last thing that you want to do when you think that you have a stalker. Stop walking on the sidewalk and enter the first (1) coffee shop, (2) restaurant, or (3) bar that you can find. Surrounding yourself with people is often a sure way to deter an unwanted admirer.


#3- Use Your Voice

Staying quiet is not a smart option when someone might mean you harm. Instead, take a deep breath and start yelling. Scream for help. Shout for someone to call the police. The goal is to involve bystanders in your situation so that your stalker will abandon the pursuit.

Now that you know some ways to avoid an attack let’s look at how you can keep from being followed in the first place.


Don’t Forget Your Street Smarts

It’s too easy to forget about safety when you’re on familiar ground. However, the perps prey on people who aren’t paying attention. Practicing some street smarts is an excellent way to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Examples of street-savvy behaviors include

  • Walk like you know where you’re going.
  • Stay away from dark streets and alleys.
  • Hide your phone and wallet.
  • Walk with a buddy whenever possible.


Lastly, take our tips for when you think you’re being followed as part of your overall personal safety program. While the vast majority of people you’ll meet in life are decent souls, it’ necessary to keep your guard up against those few dangerous lowlifes who want to make you a victim. 

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