When people require assistance in securing bail, they may have several different options available. It often depends on the nature of their arrest, as well as what assets that they have available to them. One thing that many people ask us is whether or not they can barter for bail bonds. While it likely isn’t possible for a judge to agree to some form of trade, you may find it possible to avoid cash amounts.

Depending on your exact case type, you may find it possible to have the amount negotiated to a lower price. You might not do this yourself, but someone representing you may do so.


property barter for bail bondsProperty Bail Bonds

One way to avoid settling your bail with cash is by securing a property bond. These bonds require real estate or other significant assets in exchange for your release from jail.

However, these bonds are often only applied to specific case types, and frequently when the bail amount is severe. If your release requires tens of thousands of dollars or even six figures, you may find yourself eligible for it.

Unfortunately, the only way to use a property for bail is when it’s worth twice what the amount remains. If your home is only worth about $50,000, for instance, it can’t cover bonds of higher amounts.

Another reason to reconsider putting property up is that if you decide not to appear in court, the judge may send your home to foreclosure. Considering how likely it is that you will get arrested again, it likely isn’t worth the risk of losing everything.


Negotiate Lower Amounts

First, the bad news: you probably aren’t going to get an opportunity to negotiate your bail amount. Although there could potentially be some leeway in driving the cost a little lower, it’s not something that they will entertain directly with an inmate.

In general, the only one who can most likely negotiate a more affordable bail is a licensed attorney. Even then, your defender can’t guarantee that the judge will play ball, especially if you committed and especially severe criminal offense.

In some cases, a bail bonds agent may find it possible to negotiate on your behalf, primarily because they are the ones footing the bill. Even then, you can’t expect the amount to drop significantly, but every little bit does help when you need to leave your cell.