Does the upcoming trial date for your loved one fill you with dread because the closest you’ve ever come to a courtroom was watching your favorite crime drama on television?  If so, put away any of your concerns about not knowing how to behave while you’re in the courtroom and take a look at our five tips on appropriate courtroom etiquette.


#1: When In Court, Dress The Part

Szar Bail Bonds Tips For Appropriate Courtroom Etiquette

Make sure you dress the part

Everyone knows that you wear different clothes depending on the day’s events and spending the day in court is no exception. There’s no denying that a courtroom is a professional place and you’ll see that everyone connected to the legal process dress up for court. While you won’t be expected to wear a suit to sit in the courtroom, it’s a smart idea to ditch your daily outfits if they typically contain (1) jeans, (2) workout clothes, (3) party clothes, and (4) beachwear. Instead, opt for conservative and comfortable attire.


#2: Turn Off Your Smartphone In Court

A ringing smartphone is a sure-fire way to get tossed out of the courtroom. Silence your phone before you sit down. Also make sure that you resist any temptation to (1) text, (2) surf the internet, (3) respond to emails, and (4) take photographs/videos of the proceedings. In short, your phone should never make an appearance while court is in session.


#3: Find A Seat And Stay In It

Judges generally stick to a strict schedule, and the door to the courtroom will shut shortly before the legal proceedings begin. Do yourself a favor and arrive on time so that you can find a seat well before the judge enters the room. Once the court is in session, you need to remember that you’re an observer and it’s essential that you keep your thoughts to yourself until you leave the room.


#4: The Judge Is The Boss

The judge controls the courtroom. Everyone rises to attention when the judge enters and leaves the room. Along that line, if the judge asks you a question, it’s appropriate courtroom etiquette to say “your honor” when you answer.


#5: Show Your Love Outside Of Court

We promise you that it won’t be easy to stay quiet if you think that your loved one isn’t getting a fair shake. During stressful moments, silently repeat to yourself that your loved one has a criminal defense attorney for a reason. The defense attorney is an expert in criminal law and courtroom procedures so is in the best position to argue the case.

Lastly, it’s never easy to be a spectator in the courtroom when someone you love is on trial. Understanding how to behave at the hearing is a fantastic way to lend loving support while also ensuring that you’ll get to remain in the room throughout the trial. Use our five tips to appropriate courtroom etiquette as a way to prepare yourself for court.

Szar Bail Bonds focus on making sure that your family member gets to go home at the end of court each day. Contact us for help in arranging a bail bond today.